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Recruiting & Hiring


ProPharma Sales Recruiting & Hiring Division leverages decades of experience hiring candidates across numerous industries.


Recruiting and hiring the best, most qualified candidates is a blend of art and a science. This process goes well beyond the candidate’s resume. ProPharma Sales uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to ensure the right individual is paired with the right position. Our Talent Acquisition Team brings decades of hiring experience to the process and we have invested heavily into quantitative metrics in an effort to support a wide range of unique recruitment needs. 

The ProPharma Sales HR Recruitment Team has over 100 years of hiring experience in key industries, hiring from C-Suite to entry levels.

  • Rx Pharmaceutical: Primary Care, Diabetes, GI, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Pediatrics, Endocrine, Dermatology, among many others

  • OTC Healthcare

  • Oral Health

  • Animal Health 

  • CPG

  • Retail 

  • Technology 

  • Manufacturing

The depth of our experience allows us to develop customized recruiting and hiring strategies that align to our clients’ culture, values and business objectives. Our robust client base spans from Fortune 50 companies to start-up organizations. Regardless of the hiring scope, ProPharma Sales is poised to deliver quality candidates that exceed client expectations. Our experience includes:

  • Tailored Recruiting & Hiring: ProPharma Sales leverages decades of experience in talent acquisition. 

  • Flexible Solutions: Business is constantly changing and ProPharma Sales is able to adjust accordingly without negatively impacting recruiting and hiring performance.

  • 360º approach to the candidate journey: We know it’s not simply about placement, but ensuring that the candidate/client experience is right from the start. From the crafting of the client story through the candidate assessment and interview process to the final offer, we ensure that both the candidate and the client are primed for success.

  • Customized and Scalable Solutions: ProPharma Sales was built to seamlessly adapt to client needs.  

  • Continuously Focusing on Talent Acquisition: The ProPharma Sales recruiting and hiring team is constantly seeking out new talent to add to our network.  Being engaged in the marketplace allows our team to stay current with trends across a variety of industries, while being able to respond quickly to our clients’ need for scalability and growth.